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A Smarter Event Begins with Bamboo

We built Bamboo from the ground up because none of the other event coordination apps on the market worked for us. They were too clunky or too expensive or didn’t have the features we needed.

Bamboo is a solution for event planners everywhere. Whether for a conference, a music festival or a sporting event, the intuitive design and feature-rich functionality make it the perfect companion for organizers and attendees.

Flexible For All Types of Events

From business conferences to music festivals, Bamboo is an event planner's best friend in delivering the content attendees need.

Utilize Beacon Technology

Beacons allow you to deliver real-time content to attendees, right from their lock screen.

Flat-Rate Pricing

More cost-effective than our competitors, Bamboo provides a solution that works across all devices, big and small.

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