A Smarter Event Begins with Bamboo

We built Bamboo from the ground up because none of the other event coordination apps on the market worked for us. They were too clunky or too expensive or didn’t have the features we needed.

Bamboo is a solution for event planners everywhere. Whether for a conference, a music festival or a sporting event, the intuitive design and feature-rich functionality make it the perfect companion for organizers and attendees.

What is Bamboo and how does it work?

Bamboo is a software service that allows you to organize all of your event information, such as the schedule, real-time notifications, social media feeds, maps, speaker and exhibit information and much more, in one place. Click here to read more about Bamboo’s robust features.

What are beacons and how do they work?

A part of the Internet of Things (The Physical Web), a beacon is a small device that continually emits a specific webpage URL.

What types of events would benefit from using Bamboo?

Conferences, trade shows, music festivals, sporting events, or any event that has a schedule would benefit from using Bamboo’s powerful but easy to use scheduling, notification and social media features.

Do I have the freedom to customize my schedule design in Bamboo?

Yes, you can choose style and an assortment of colors, then upload your event logo to create a schedule design that is unique for your event.

Can Bamboo be viewed on any device?

All Bamboo pages are responsive and can be viewed on tablets and smartphones of all sizes.

What if my event schedule changes? Will Bamboo alert my attendees when I make adjustments to the agenda?

Bamboo has a built in notification feature which allows event administrators to send special instructions to attendees when something shifts in your event.

How are beacons used with Bamboo?

Utilize beacon technology to provide attendees quick access to schedules, updates and more — right on their mobile device lock screen. When a person is within range of a beacon, if they have a beacon detection app -- such as the BeaconSage app -- installed and running on their mobile device, they will receive a notification on their screen. When they select the beacon notice, they’re sent to the associated mobile-friendly webpage. The BeaconSage app is available free for iPhone (iTunes App Store) and Android (Google Play).

I’ve already prepared my conference schedule and speaker info. Is there a way to import it into Bamboo?

Yes, you can import your event information using our event template spreadsheet. You’ll find it in the Bamboo administration area after you create your account.

Can I speak to someone about Bamboo or get technical support if I need it?

Yes, call us Aristotle Labs at 501-374-4638 or toll free at 1-800-995-2747.

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