A Smarter Event Begins with Bamboo

We built Bamboo from the ground up because none of the other event coordination apps on the market worked for us. They were too clunky or too expensive or didn’t have the features we needed.

Bamboo is a solution for event planners everywhere. Whether for a conference, a music festival or a sporting event, the intuitive design and feature-rich functionality make it the perfect companion for organizers and attendees.


Simply upload your event logo, choose four colors, and let Bamboo create a fast, responsive design for your big event.

Make your event pop with a fast, responsive design. Choose a custom four-color palette and upload your logo for branding.

Content Entry

Easily manage your event’s data on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Already have your information in an Excel document? Ask us about importing your data for you!

Upload and manage all your event data on the go from any device. We’ll help you through the setup process and every step along the way.


Provide a real-time, updated schedule that gives users control by allowing them to filter the schedule by room, their favorite sessions, or viewing the event's full schedule.

Create a real-time schedule that your users can filter by room, sessions, speakers and more.


Need to provide special instructions for users during your event? Send them a notification on Bamboo.

Send your attendees important updates or instructions during your event with Bamboo’s notifications system.

Social Media

Include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or other social media links in your event information or provide a Twitter hashtag feed directly on the event page with Bamboo.

Highlight your social media channels so attendees can follow your event, post photos and more. You can even provide a hashtag-specific Twitter feed on your event page for everyone to follow.


Keep users informed on where they are and where they need to be by uploading map images into Bamboo. You can set Google Map coordinates to allow the user to open a specific location in their default maps application on their phone.

Upload detailed maps to Bamboo so your attendees always know where they are and where they need to go.


Organize and prioritize your event’s sponsors inside Bamboo. Let users browse the sponsors page to see sponsor information and website links.

Create a Sponsors page to give your supporters the exposure they want. Manage logos, information, links and more.


Give your users information about the event exhibitors through Bamboo’s Exhibitor page.

Tell your attendees all about your event’s exhibitors using Bamboo’s feature-rich Exhibitor page.


Assign one or multiple speakers to a session and provide users with speaker information such as website links, speaker description, other sessions the speaker is speaking at, and more.

Introduce your attendees to your speakers with information such as bios, website links and which sessions feature that speaker.

Session Q&A

Allow your speakers/moderators to receive questions from the audience during a session through Bamboo Session Q&A.

Streamline Q&A sessions at your event. With Bamboo Session Q&A, audience members can submit live questions to speakers and moderators throughout a presentation.

User Ratings

Get valuable feedback by allowing users to rate each session and each speaker using Bamboo.

Engage your attendees by gathering user ratings and comments for sessions, speakers and more.


Want to give users instant access to event information from their lock screens? Use beacons and the free BeaconSage app to provide quick access to an event's schedule, what’s happening in a particular room, and more.

Utilize beacon technology to provide attendees quick access to schedules, updates and more — all from their phone’s lock screen.

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